Three Things I Learned From A Genius Makeup Artist


If you have to be stuck at a really long beauty presentation, pray that makeup guru Pati Dubroff is there. Up until recently when I met her at a Clarins event (she’s the brand’s celebrity makeup artist), my interactions with Pati have been limited to brief phone interviews or email exchanges. I knew she was full of great beauty tips, but I had no idea that she has that rare knack for owning a room. The woman actually had me hanging on her every word while she talked about the early days of her career, her celebrity cover shoots, and the products she swears by. I left the event totally inspired. Here are a few things I learned that night:

  1. Don’t ignore your childhood passions. If you’re struggling to figure out the right career path, or want to start a side hustle, the stuff that you were really into as a kid could give you direction. Pati said she’s been “obsessed” with makeup since she was ten-years-old. She began working as a makeup artist as a teenager, and kept paying her dues and pursuing her dream. 30 years later, she’s got dozens of major magazine covers under her belt, and a long list of A-list clients.
  2. A little primping can help you focus.  “Feeling beautiful gives you a boost of confidence so that you step out into the world feeling strong, like the best version of you. If you elevate your confidence, and you’re not worried about how you look, that allows you to be fully present. You’ll be able to give more others,” Pati told me.
  3. Facial oils are like a fountain of youth. One of Pati’s favorite Clarins products is the facial oil—she said she slathers it on her face whenever she’s not wearing makeup. She also told us that her friend and client, the gorgeous, 51-year-old Julianne Moore, is a big fan of oil, and it’s the secret to her amazing skin. Sadly, the Clarins oil wasn’t in the gift bag we all got at the event, but I hope to get my hands of some of this magical stuff soon.
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