Made In My Shade: MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation

You know how hard it can be to find an amazing pair of jeans that fit perfectly? Well, that agonizing trial and error process is similar to what a lot of brown-skinned women like myself go through when shopping for foundation. That’s why I get excited when I discover a new one that actually matches my skin.

The foundation I’m into right now is called MAC Matchmaster SPF 15. Several of my favorite blushes are by MAC, but I’ve shied away from the brand’s face makeup in the past because most of it gives more coverage than I want, and the colors often wind up looking too red or orange on me. Not Matchmaster! Shade #8 totally disappears into my skin. And the texture is beautiful—very silky and light.

I wish that it wasn’t such a big deal to find a nice foundation in my color, but it is. Earlier this year when I was still on staff at Glamour, I got to rant in the March issue of the magazine about how sad it is that many mainstream cosmetics companies still don’t offer enough foundation and powder shades for deeper skin tones–it’s so frustrating! I’m not going to call out the brands that are lacking—you know who you are. And naming names won’t do anything for those of you readers who have dark skin—you know who they are, too. But I hope it will help if I let you guys know every time I try a foundation that works. So look for more “Made in My Shade” posts in the future. And be sure to share your makeup picks in the comments section below. Together maybe we can save other women from time-consuming, disappointing trips to the makeup counter or drugstore.

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