True Story: “I became a model at age 49.”

I went to a photo shoot on Monday and I got to bond with a great lady by the name of Cindy Joseph. She’s been modeling for 12 years, but get this: She was almost 50-years-old when she got discovered. Her story is so inspiring.

Meet Cindy Joseph, silver-haired and proud!

Cindy getting prepped on set.

Before she began working in front of the camera, Cindy was making her living behind the scenes a makeup artist. After 27 years in the biz, she retired and shortly after was approached by a casting agent on the street. “I thought it was a joke. I thought someone was playing a trick on me. But the next day the agent called and asked me to be in a D&G campaign. That was in 1999.” Once the ad hit, a friend encouraged her to get an agent and Cindy signed with Ford Models. She’s still with them today. “I’m doing the same things I did as a makeup artist—travelling and going to shoots—only as a model instead,” Cindy says. How’s that for a second career?

Cindy in More magazine.

And if that’s not impressive enough, Cindy started her own line of beauty products two years ago called Boom! By Cindy Joseph. The collection includes BOOMSILK, an allover moisturizer made with organic honey, olive oil and beeswax and three BOOMSTICKS for shimmer, color and moisture. She sent them to me and I’m so into BOOMSTICK Color ($24), which is like a berry-tinted cream blush stick you can put on your lips and eyelids, too.

One thing BOOM! doesn’t do is prey on women’s fears about getting older.  As Cindy puts it: “My line is not about concealing, fixing or covering things up, it’s about bringing out the way you look naturally when you’re turned on to life and having a good time. I don’t like the words ‘anti-aging.’ I’m pro-age!”

You gotta love this woman. Are you as inspired by her as I am?

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Women Are Getting Bikini Waxes WHEN?!

Forget “toe-besity” surgery, bird poop facials or $13,213 face creams, the most shocking beauty news I’ve heard this year came from a waxing specialist—you won’t believe what her customers do!

Yasmin Ibrahim, a waxer at Eve Salon in New York City, told me that 60% of the women who come to see her for a bikini wax are—wait for it—on their periods. “Over the last couple of years, I’ve been telling clients to come in on the fourth or fifth day of their period. Unless you’re really sensitive, your body is just better able to deal with the waxing then—it’s less painful. I’ve tested it myself,” says Yasmin, who has worked at Eve for ten years.

This blew me away. I’ve always heard that a bikini wax hurts like hell the week before Aunt Flow comes to visit, and that the week after your cycle is the ideal time for a wax down below. It never occurred to me to book an appointment during my cycle because…ew.

Clearly many women in NYC aren’t squeamish about this, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable letting a waxer get up close and personal with my lady parts when it’s that time of the month. Uh uh, no way! I would rather just pop a couple of ibuprofens and grit my teeth through the torture like I usually do. Unless I happen to find a scientific study that proves waxing on the rag makes the service considerably less uncomfortable (by at least 50%). Then maybe it would be worth the extreme awkwardness that I imagine I would feel while laying on the table, legs spread, with a tampon string hanging out of me.

But to Yasmin, working around a Tampax is no big deal. “I just move the string out of the way. And most customers are considerate and put in a fresh tampon right before their service,” she said.

I never would have known about this surprising hair removal behavior if it weren’t for my friend Amber. She went to Eve right before a recent vacation and her waxer, Maya, told her she could have—and should have—come in while on her period for a more pleasant experience. “The 11-year-old girl in me began blushing immediately,” Amber said.

I don’t blame her for being mortified, but now that I know waxing during menstruation is commonplace at one popular salon, I’m wondering if it’s going on everywhere. Is this practice more normal than I think? BTW, Yasmin said if you want to try it, call your salon or spa ahead of time to make sure that they’re comfortable doing it. And, um, I would suggest tipping a little extra.

So, have you gotten a bikini wax while on your period? If not, would you dare? 

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Why This Is The Perfect Makeup Look For A 92-Degree Day

I met the fabulous 26-year-old Samantha here when I was out scouting girls for my column. I literally ran across the street in Soho to talk to her specifically because of her amazing red lipstick. And it turns out, her look is just right for summer, according to a very wise expert.

While I was picking makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor’s brain yesterday for some beauty tips, he said something that instantly made me think of Samantha: “Don’t be afraid to be glamorous during summer months. A red lipstick and waterproof mascara goes a long way. Try a matte texture to balance what is inevitably a more dewy complexion.”

It’s like Andrew and Samantha share a brain–her look is exactly what he described (well, except that she’s wearing false lashes, not mascara). Her picture + his tip = me rethinking all the gloss and shiny tinted lip balms I tend to wear this time of year. I love the idea of contrasting glistening skin with bright, matte lips. Maybe I’ll make that my fireworks-watching look tonight.

Inspired to copy this too? Try Samantha’s shade, NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Shanghai Express ($24) or Andrew’s pick, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in La Somptueuse ($32.50). And BTW, Samantha has a lot of great makeup in her stash and Andrew is full summer beauty tips. Check ‘em out.

Happy 4th of July!

Is It Just Me, Or Is Nail Polish Now Sold EVERYWHERE?

I’m starting to wonder if soon we’ll be able to buy nail lacquer at McDonald’s, Starbucks, a bodega or maybe even at a gas station because those might be the only places left that don’t already carry it.

It’s no secret that the nail category has become huge. Like $710 million dollars in sales huge. Which is probably why non-beauty focused retailers are trying to get in on the action by positioning polish as an impulse item in their stores. I feel like I’m seeing it more and more everywhere I go. Here are six places where I’ve spotted it:


1. GAP

2. Urban Outfitters

3. Payless

4. American Apparel

5. J. Crew

6. Forever 21

And those are just the stores that I’ve walked into recently–I’m sure there are more displays out there I haven’t seen.  And it’s all proof that nail polish is quietly taking over the world.

Have you ever bought nail polish somewhere other than a drugstore, makeup counter or beauty supply store? Would you consider it?

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The Book That’ll Make You Wish You Had Freckles (Or So Happy That You Do!)

I have a bone to pick with T: The New York Times Style Magazine.  They posted a bunch of stunning black-and-white pics from the new photography book “Freckles” by Reto Caduff, and now I’m mad at them for making me want to get yet another coffee-table tome that I don’t need. Thanks a lot, guys!

As the title of the book so directly implies, it’s filled with images of freckle-faced women in all their natural glory. Caduff told T Magazine that that he wanted to showcase the beauty of freckles because at photo shoots he’s worked on, they often get masked with makeup or they’re retouched out later. And that, people, is annoying. It’s one thing to erase something like a pimple or dark undereye circles, but freckles aren’t flaws that need to be hidden. They’re beautiful! Bravo to Caduff for celebrating a feature that’s so unique–we could use more confidence-boosting projects like this in the world. Hey, Caduff, if you’re reading this, how about a sequel about gap teeth?  Seriously, it could be cool. Just think about it.

Anyway, T’s post inspired me to obsess for hours look at shots of freckles on Pinterest. Take a look at my favorites, but know that you miiiight be tempted to draw tiny little dots on your face with a brow pencil when you’re done.


Source: via it’s on Pinterest


Source: via it’s on Pinterest


Source: via max on Pinterest


Source: via it’s on Pinterest


Source: via Morrie on Pinterest


Source: Uploaded by user via markovich on Pinterest


Source: via Serena on Pinterest


Source: via Rachelle on Pinterest


Source: via max on Pinterest


Source: via Thinkin’ on Pinterest

Has your freckles envy kicked in yet? Or do you already have cute little spots? Which one (or two or three!) of these photos do you love?

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