Last Call: Which Summer Beauty Trend Are You Still Rocking?

OK, guys, you’ll have to forgive me because I did something borderline unacceptable for someone who claims to love beauty trends. I went through the entire summer without getting a single neon manicure. Gasp! Shocking, I know. But I decided to FINALLY get with the DayGlo nail polish program, even though it’s a bit late in the game. Why the sudden urge? I blame Serena Williams.

While she destroyed beat her  opponents during the US Open, she wore a neon yellow-ish green headband with her tennis outfits.

Here’s how Serena looked during the 2nd round.

She also wore a bright band for round three.

And she sported the same poufy ponytail + neon band look when she won the final on Sunday.

As I stared at the sweatband, I was thinking (a) Serena has never looked better on the court and (b) the color of the band would make a really great nail polish color. And then I remembered that already own one that matches almost exactly: SinfulColors Nail Enamel in Neon Melon ($1.99). I brought it to Polish Bar of Brooklyn (my college friend Tricialee’s salon) and got this manicure:

I paired my fluorescent nails with Minx appliqués on my ring fingers for a little edge. Like it?

The SinfulColors shade might be hard to find now, but Love & Beauty By Forever 21 Nail Polish in Neon Yellow ($2.80) is another good option.

Did you miss the boat on any summer trends? Which summery looks are you still clinging to?

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