Beauty Lessons: 10 Interesting Things We Learned This Week

Thanks to this week’s batch of beauty news, we now know the following:

1. Julia Roberts’s beauty secrets involve kissing. (Zee News)

2. Gabby Douglas thinks all the talk about her hair is crazy and stupid. (Seattle PI)

3. Hoarding lipstick does not lead to happiness. (Jezebel)

4. Pink is now a CoverGirl (CNN).

5. Kaley Cuoco has had acne issues. (The Celebrity Cafe)

6. Women in Japan are paying cosmetic dentists for “snaggleteeth.” (New York Daily News)

7. Naomi Campbell might have alopecia. (ABC News)

8. If you want fuller eyebrows, there’s a transplant for that. (New York Times)

9. Nail polish sales are up 70% (Fashionista) which explains how OPI can afford to hire Mariah Carey as a spokesperson. (Fashion Etc)

10. L’Oréal is making more money than Oprah and God combined. (Huffington Post)

Have a great weekend!