What’s The Last Magazine You Bought Because Of The Cover?

When you’re facing a sea of glossies with the same old celebrities on the cover, pictured next to lines you’ve seen a gazillion times before (like “37 Ways To Get Amazing Abs!”), it’s hard to get inspired to plunk down $4 bucks for a mag. But there’s one new cover that did motivate me to reach into my wallet. Its…

…the December issue of Essence featuring Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas. I was obsessed, I mean OBSESSED, with her during the London games. How adorable does she look here? That smile! It’s like I can feel her happiness beaming at me through the cover. You got, me Gabby, you got me.

I have a shelf in my apartment where I display mags that I think are really special. You know, historical stuff like Michelle Obama on the cover of Vogue. Guess I better make a little room for Miss All-Around Champion and her million-dollar grin.

Have you been moved to buy any magazines lately? Don’t leave me in suspense!

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Pretty In Print: Lil’ Kim-Inspired Hair

The original queen of rainbow hair colors.

Here’s a fact that’ll make some of you feel old: It’s been 15 years since Lil’ Kim busted onto the music scene sporting Skittles-colored wigs in her video for “Crush On You.” 15 years! Little did Kim know her not-found-in-nature hair hues, which were considered edgy and daring in 1997, would become mainstream in 2012.  Whether it’s a full-on wig or the toned-down version, bright streaks, Queen Bee’s signature look is everywhere now. And by everywhere I mean even in an Urban Outfitters catalog. Here are two examples from the fall look book, plus a few more bright hair interpretations I’ve spotted in print recently.

From Urban Oufitters: cornrows laced with hot pink.

 A long, side-braid with bubble-gum colored pieces woven in.

 A trio of bold bobs from the October 8th issue of New York magazine. The story is about sweatshirts, but I think the hair stole the show.

More out-there hair from the September issue of Vogue. I love this shoot featuring Karlie Kloss in high-fashion work clothes and vivid wigs.

What do you think of this Lil’ Kim-influenced hair trend? Are you into it or so over it?

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Pretty In Print: The Fantastically Tousled Hair Seen All Over The J. Crew Catalogues

We all have our weird beauty obsessions (don’t we?) and mine is messy hair. I wrote about it a lot—maybe a little too much—earlier this summer when I was substitute blogging for Glamour.com. I can’t help it! Undone styles really speak to me. That’s why when a new J. Crew catalogue shows up in my mailbox, I fixate on the models’ hair. It’s usually roughed up, just the way I like it. Here are four looks from the last two style guides that I’m really into.

1. In the August issue: Bedhead with a classic sweater and statement necklace.

2. Also from August: Teased, playful strands with a girly dress.

3. Spotted in the September issue: A windblown style with bold glasses.

4. More messy hair from September: Disheveled updos and sweet party dresses.

Cool, right? There’s something rebellious about pairing a roughed up hairstyle with polished clothing that I love. And I’ll admit, I’m also drawn to disheveled ‘dos because they validate my lazy hair tendencies a little bit. No shame in my game!

Have you noticed the carefree hair in the J. Crew style guides? Are you a fan?


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The Best Thing About The Most Beautiful Issue Of ‘People’ Isn’t The Cover–It’s The Naked Pictures Inside!


Don’t worry. They’re the kind of nude pics that are safe for work–I’m talking about photos of celebrities with completely bare faces.

Not that I wasn’t excited to see Beyoncé looking all flawless on the cover of People’s Most Beautiful issue, but when I got my copy of the magazine, I only skimmed her Q&A. Instead I flipped right to the section featuring close-up shots of stars like Paula Patton, Zooey Deschanel and Rose Byrne wearing “nothing but moisturizer” on their skin. I just can’t resist a good celebrity-without-makeup photo. I click those links all the time on the internet. I even confessed my fascination on Twitter.

Paula Patton: Beautiful and brave.

It’s not that I want to see stars looking bad. I just want to see the side of them that looks more real. You know, the side that reminds me that underneath it all, celebs are just regular human beings with little flaws and insecurities like everyone else. It puts everything in perspective.

Even though the People photos are probably airbrushed–at least a little bit–I think it takes a lot of courage for famous people to go nude. We’re living in a world where people are getting chin implants to look better on Skype, for crying out loud, so going makeup-free in a major magazine is a kind of a big deal. I wonder if there are certain stars who would NEVER do it. Jennifer Lopez comes to mind. Can you think of anyone else? Do you post pictures of yourself on Facebook or elsewhere without makeup? Own up to your vanity or lack thereof in the comments section below.

P.S. You know who else looks really pretty without makeup? Olivia Wilde.



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Pretty In Print: Cute Collars And Hot Lips In ‘New York’ Magazine

I hate when I go out of town and get behind on my New York magazine reading–I miss so much good stuff! Like this adorable fashion spread featuring buttoned-up collars juxtaposed with seductive red lips. How can you not want to try these two looks together immediately after looking at this?




I love playing with contrasts, like wearing super-bright nail polish with an all black outfit or rocking a tight, classic bun with turquoise eyeliner. It keeps things interesting and shows the different layers of your personality. I don’t have a collared shirt quite as cool as the ones in the story, but I’m adding it to my Must-Buy list. As for the lipsticks, I’ve got that part covered. A fun orangey-shade like MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger would work with a whimsical printed collar shirt or I might go with something deeper, like Hourglass Cosmetics Femme Rouge in Icon, if the shirt had a more classic color scheme.

When is the last time you copied a look from a magazine? Think you’ll try this collar-lipstick combo? What shade of red would you use?



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