8 Kick-Ass Hair And Makeup Looks From Afro-Punk (These Girls Are AWESOME)

You wanna know where all the cool kids were hanging out last weekend? Afro-Punk, that’s where. The eighth annual multicultural music festival happened in my ‘hood this past Saturday and Sunday so I had no excuse not to go. I don’t know what I enjoyed more: the bands or the people-watching. Check out some of the bold beauty statements I spotted.

Love this diva’s hot pink lipstick and adorable side buns. And get a load of her eyebrows–they’re full and fabulous.

Braids were everywhere at the park, but this girl wins the award for Longest Braids Ever. I’m gonna steal her little scarf-around-the-head idea. Too cute.

Another great braided style worn with a casual tee and a beautifully bare face.


Pair winged-out eyeliner with edgy hair and what do you get?  Retro-punk.


Unexpectedly pretty: Matchy-matchy makeup and earrings.

I’m a fan of any woman with the confidence to rock black lipstick. Homegirl is killing it!

This look screams “1990s house party” and I love it.

The headband is super-girly, but the sunglasses and fuchsia lipstick add a dose of attitude. Nice!

So there you have it. And that’s just a tiny sample of the insanely stylish peeps roaming around the Afro-Punk festival. Which of these looks do you heart the most? Did you go to Afro-Punk?

All photos by Ibra Ake for Beautycism.com


It’s Official: Super-Dark Lipstick Is Now A Big Trend (No, Really. It Happened Overnight!)

Remember the girl with the cool black lipstick that I blogged about a few day ago? Well, she was on to something because dark lips were all over the red carpet at the Met Ball last night.

It’s crazy how many stars stepped out with dark, dark lips. It’s almost like every makeup artist ran of out red or something. The colors ranged from a deep wine shade on Lana Del Rey and Jessica Alba, to Kate Bosworth’s and Camilla Belle’s almost black lip color.

Kate wore NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Vogal, a pretty daring move for someone with her light hair and complexion. But it worked! I wonder what made so many makeup pros decided to give their celebs such a vampy lip look in the middle of spring. I don’t know, but I’m onboard. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go rifle through my makeup stash to see if I can find a dark shade to rock this week. Has this sudden trend convinced you, too?





Spotted! Black Lipstick In Real Life (And It Looked GOOD!)

Black lipstick is one of those things you see at a store or on the runway and wonder “Who the hell would wear that?”  Well, I found someone—and no, she’s not a goth girl.

Her name is Devanie, she’s 18-years-old and I hereby declare her the new poster child for daring makeup. I saw Devanie on the street when I was out scouting girls for my Makeup.com column. I just had to ask her about her lips because I rarely see such beauty boldness outside the pages of a magazine. It turns out that it’s not actually lipstick she’s wearing—it’s a mix of black eye shadow and clear gloss. When I approached her, she was so nonchalant about it, like she had no clue that anyone would bat an eyelash about her wearing a black lip color in broad daylight. Love that!

I’m not going to pretend that I’ll suddenly have the nerve to try black lipstick anytime soon, but if you’re up for it, here a few options.

Illamasqua Lipstick in Pristine ($22)

Urban Decay Lipstick in Oil Slick ($22)

Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in Black Cherry ($5.49). If you have light skin, try this one–it’s really dark, but less intense than black.

Are you feeling Devanie’s lipstick? What’s the most daring beauty look you’ve ever tried?