Last Call: Which Summer Beauty Trend Are You Still Rocking?

OK, guys, you’ll have to forgive me because I did something borderline unacceptable for someone who claims to love beauty trends. I went through the entire summer without getting a single neon manicure. Gasp! Shocking, I know. But I decided to FINALLY get with the DayGlo nail polish program, even though it’s a bit late in the game. Why the sudden urge? I blame Serena Williams.

While she destroyed beat her  opponents during the US Open, she wore a neon yellow-ish green headband with her tennis outfits.

Here’s how Serena looked during the 2nd round.

She also wore a bright band for round three.

And she sported the same poufy ponytail + neon band look when she won the final on Sunday.

As I stared at the sweatband, I was thinking (a) Serena has never looked better on the court and (b) the color of the band would make a really great nail polish color. And then I remembered that already own one that matches almost exactly: SinfulColors Nail Enamel in Neon Melon ($1.99). I brought it to Polish Bar of Brooklyn (my college friend Tricialee’s salon) and got this manicure:

I paired my fluorescent nails with Minx appliqués on my ring fingers for a little edge. Like it?

The SinfulColors shade might be hard to find now, but Love & Beauty By Forever 21 Nail Polish in Neon Yellow ($2.80) is another good option.

Did you miss the boat on any summer trends? Which summery looks are you still clinging to?

Is It Just Me, Or Is Nail Polish Now Sold EVERYWHERE?

I’m starting to wonder if soon we’ll be able to buy nail lacquer at McDonald’s, Starbucks, a bodega or maybe even at a gas station because those might be the only places left that don’t already carry it.

It’s no secret that the nail category has become huge. Like $710 million dollars in sales huge. Which is probably why non-beauty focused retailers are trying to get in on the action by positioning polish as an impulse item in their stores. I feel like I’m seeing it more and more everywhere I go. Here are six places where I’ve spotted it:


1. GAP

2. Urban Outfitters

3. Payless

4. American Apparel

5. J. Crew

6. Forever 21

And those are just the stores that I’ve walked into recently–I’m sure there are more displays out there I haven’t seen.  And it’s all proof that nail polish is quietly taking over the world.

Have you ever bought nail polish somewhere other than a drugstore, makeup counter or beauty supply store? Would you consider it?

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