And The Award For The City With The Coolest, Sexiest, Most Wonderfully Diverse Fashion Week Of The Season Goes To…Sao Paulo

OK, so why haven’t I ever paid attention to Sao Paulo Fashion Week before? It’s been around since 1996, but it’s been completely off of my radar until now. Apparently, I’ve been missing out big-time.

Seriously, once I started looking at the pics, I could not stop. I got sucked in by striking, African-inspired details, ginormous statement accessories, bright colors and, of course, those models’ bodies–they’re ridic.

As for the beauty statements, they were, well…beautiful. And refreshing. We’re talking big Afro wigs, winged-out-beyond-the-brows liner and models with all different skin tones. From what I’ve seen, this season of Sao Paulo Fashion Week is what all fashion weeks should be: diverse, cultural, artistic and sexy. I really, really, really want to go to there. Here are some of the looks that got me all obsessed:

1. From ivory to dark chocolate, all complexions were represented on the Adriana Degreas catwalk.

2. At the New York and European shows, there’s often a one-weave-fits all attitude backstage. At FH for for Fause Haten, the models got faux ‘fros. Now that’s a cool twist.

3. I love the pairing of two extremes at Andre Lima: crazy-extended eyeliner and massive (and hopefully light!) earrings.

4. This model knew exactly how to work this orate mask at the Lino Villaventura show. Hot!

5. More awesomeness from Adriana Degreas. This is head-to-toe edgy perfection.

6. Um, I would kill for the butt on this model at the Movement show. Seriously, I think offing another person would be a fair trade-off. I’m not kidding. I kid, I kid.

7. Blame it on my African roots, but this headwrap worn at the Neon show is calling (very loudly) to me. So is the model’s grape lipstick. I doubt I could pull off either one in real life, but I can dream, can’t I?

Yep, I can see SPFW becoming a much bigger deal globally in the near future. I know I only showed you a snippet, but what do you think?

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Spotted! Black Lipstick In Real Life (And It Looked GOOD!)

Black lipstick is one of those things you see at a store or on the runway and wonder “Who the hell would wear that?”  Well, I found someone—and no, she’s not a goth girl.

Her name is Devanie, she’s 18-years-old and I hereby declare her the new poster child for daring makeup. I saw Devanie on the street when I was out scouting girls for my column. I just had to ask her about her lips because I rarely see such beauty boldness outside the pages of a magazine. It turns out that it’s not actually lipstick she’s wearing—it’s a mix of black eye shadow and clear gloss. When I approached her, she was so nonchalant about it, like she had no clue that anyone would bat an eyelash about her wearing a black lip color in broad daylight. Love that!

I’m not going to pretend that I’ll suddenly have the nerve to try black lipstick anytime soon, but if you’re up for it, here a few options.

Illamasqua Lipstick in Pristine ($22)

Urban Decay Lipstick in Oil Slick ($22)

Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in Black Cherry ($5.49). If you have light skin, try this one–it’s really dark, but less intense than black.

Are you feeling Devanie’s lipstick? What’s the most daring beauty look you’ve ever tried?